Breeder: Nastovska Ljupka, Sterlingsheer Kennel, Serbia
 Red male - born 17.06.15 

 8 week old - Photo: Sterlingsheer Kennel Luka 5 month Luka in the snow - 6½ month

Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents
    CH Towsushet's All That Jazz (red)
  CH Mi-Pao´s Thor (red)  
    CH Mi-Pao´s Sparkle (red)
CH Mi-Pao´s Canadian Banner (red)    
    Mi-Pao´s Don Juan (red)
  Mi-Pao´s Red Winifred (red)  
    Mi-Pao´s Whidget (red)
    CH Towsushet's All That Jazz (red)
  CH Mi-Pao´s Black Tux (black)  
    CH Mi-Pao´s Black Pitch (black)
JCH Canadian Red Crystal (red)    
    CH Mi-Pao´s Black Signature (black)
  Mi-Pao´s Cream Crystal (cream)  
    Mi-Pao´s Miss Cassandra (red)