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We bought our first chow in 1982 - Chow Stars Jupiter (red male) - and the next came to us in 1985 - Grønbæk Ania (fawn female).  From those we got our first litter in 1988.

Our UK-imports:
Tanlap Tullamore (red male - born 1986)
CH WW89 Usada Lucy In The Sky From Tanlap (red female - born 1988)
CH Tanlap Chamcroft Christmas Star (red male - born 1986)
CH Yama Mr President (red male - born 1991)
CH Cherrymount First Lady (red female - born 1992)
Jowtrix Red Merill (red male - born 1996)
Dawnanda Royal Dolton (red male - born 1998) 

Other imports:
From Sweeden:
What-What´s Mean Woman Blues - born 1997 (red daughter of Stagebo´s I´m A Believer)
From Italy:
CH Little Buddha Dei Leoni Imperiali - born 2001 (black grandson of CH Stagebo´s I´m The Walrus)
Omah Dei Leoni Imperiali - born 2003 (red greatgranddaughter of Stagebo´s I´m A Believer)
Eloise Dei Leoni Imperiali - born 2010 (red granddaughter of CH Stagebo's Queen Of Spades)
From Germany:
Betty Middler of Chow Dream - born 2003 (red daughter of CH Stagebo´s Ich Bin Ein Berliner)
Gina Of Chow Dream - born 2005 (granddaugter of CH Stagebo's Ich Bin Ein Berliner)
From Canada:
CH Mi-Pao´s Red Sumac (red male - born 2010)
From Serbia:
Diamond Suprime Sterlingsheer (red male - born 2015)
Shippeitaro's Hazarova Harizma - born 2020 (red daughter of CH Stagebo's First Lady For Buddha)

From Russia:
Azalia For Annalise - born 2010 (red granddaughter of CH Stagebo's Quick Step)
Banvin Fun Lauda - born 2016 (red greatgrandson of CH Stagebo's Quick Step)
Its My Love O'Niki - born 2018 (red greatgranddaughter of CH Stagebo's Quick Step)

In 1993, 1995 and 1996 Champion Stagebo´s Christmas Cracker was top-winning chow in Denmark and in 1994 our famous UK-import Champion Yama Mr President was top-winning. We have bred 30 litters until now. Some of the puppies stayed in our kennel - Stagebo´s Christmas Carol - Stagebo´s Georgy Girl - CH Stagebo´s Good Golly Miss Molly - Stagebo´s Hanky-Panky - Stagebo´s I´m A Believer - Stagebo´s Martha My Dear - Stagebo´s Ob-la-di-Ob-la-da - Stagebo´s Nowhere Man, Stagebo´s Peggy Sue, Stagebo´s Quick Step, Stagebo's Strawberry Fields Forever, Stagebo´s Ticket To Ride, Stagebo´s Xx, Stagebo´s ZZ Top and Stagebo´s A Kiss From A Rose.

We have bred:
5 Danish Champions
(CH Stagebo´s Christmas Cracker - CH Stagebo´s Good Golly Miss Molly, CH Stagebo´s Ich Bin Ein Berliner, Ch Stagebo´s Zip Code and CH Stagebo's Angel Of The Morning).
4 German Champions (CH Stagebo´s Ich Bin Ein Berliner - CH Stagebo´s Quick Step - CH Stagebo´s Twist And Shout - VWW10 CH Stagebo´s Proud Mary).
1 Swedish Champion (CH Stagebo´s X-Man).
3 Italian Champions (CH Stagebo´s I´m The Walrus - CH Stagebo´s NeverEnding Story - CH Stagebo´s Queen Of Spades).
All 3 Italian Champions also are Reproduction Champions.
1 Serbian Champion (CH Stagebo's First Lady For Buddha).
2 International Champions (CH Stagebo's First Lady For Buddha - CH Stagebo's Angel Of The Morning).

CH Stagebo´s I´m The Walrus has sired 5 Italian Champions, 2 International Champions, 1 Swiss Champion, Worldwinner 2000, Res.Best Dog COTY 2001 + BOB and BIG3 at Crufts 2003 and last but not least the first UK Champion from abroad (CH Dark Side Of The Moon Dei Leoni Imperiali). CH Stagebo´s I´m The Walrus is grandfather of one of the most winning chows CH Bon Triumph Dariy Black King and his daughter CH Bon Triumph Otrada was BOB at Crufts 2007.

CH Stagebo´s Ich Bin Ein Berliner
has sired 2 German Champion and we are happy to have owned a daughter (Betty Midler Of Chow Dream) and a granddaughter (Gina Of Chow Dream).

We have exported to Finland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, The Netherlands, England and Serbia.

All our chows (except CH Mi-Pao-s Red Sumac and Diamond Suprime Sterlingsheer) goes back to our foundation female Stagebo´s Christmas Carol (CH Yama Mr President ex CH Usada Lucy In The Sky From Tanlap). This breedline is in pedigrees all over the world and numerious excellent topwinning chows are offspring of this line. 

CH Mi-Pao's Red Sumac has proved to be an ecxellent stud dog and has sired many Champions and numerous Champion grandchildren around the world. Sumac still is well - nearly 12 year old.

We are the British breeders grateful for their help and advice. Our hope are to continue to breed healthy and excellent chows of the type we like. 

The first Stagebo litter - born 06.05.1988

Artist: Marianne Baden - Model: Dawnanda Royal Dolton