NEW PHOTOS - 2016 (PART 1)
Buddha's Smile Sterlingsheer & Stagebo's First Lady For Buddha
 The judge like a kiss from Lady (Stagebo's First Lady For Buddha) Stagebo's First Lady For Buddha (BIS1 Junior)
Stagebo's Fortune Cookie (Mollie) & Stagebo's Crack Of Dawn (Muffi) Stagebo's Evening Star (Chuman) Stagebo's Elusive Butterfly (Rosa) - left
Aleksandra and Lady Stagebo's Applejack (Lui)
Stagebo's Betty Boop (Betty) at the beach Stagebo's Betty Boop (Betty) Stagebo's Betty Boop (Betty)
Stagebo's Count Down (Knut) - lives in Holland Stagebo's Counter Strike (Tore) - lives in Holland Chan-Lo's Day Tripper (sire of Knut and Tore)