Stagebo's Betty Boop (1½ year) - lives in Aalborg, DK Stagebo´s Betty Boop (1½ year)-lives in Aalborg, DK
Stagebo's Counter Striike (Toke-1 year) - lives in Holland
Stagebo's Crack Of Dawn (Muffi-1 year)-lives in Aalborg, DK Stagebo's Count Down (Knut-1 year)-lives in Holland
Stagebo's Come Together (Charlie-1 year)-lives in Horsens, DK Stagebo's Applejack (Lui-2 year)-lives in Allerød, DK
Stagebo´s Applejack (Lui - babysitting) Stagebo´s Doo Wah Diddy Diddy (Frida-7 month old)- happy reunion with the breeder
Stagebo´s Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Frida 7 month) - lives in Vonge, DK Stagebo's Diggi-Loo Diggi Ley (Thea-7 month)-lives in Gjerrild, DK
SECH Stagebo's X-Man (Kungen-lives in Sweden) Visit-Daisy-right (Stagebo's Undercover-8½ year)-left Stagebo´s Strawberry Fields Forever (9 year)
Stagebo's Undercover (Daisy-8½ year old), lives in Copenhagen Stagebo's Undercover (Daisy-8½ year)-lives in Copenhagen