STAGEBO´S XX (Sulaima)
Black female born 28/11-08

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Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents
    Pei Fang Magnum Son
  MultiChampion Pei Fang Norwegian Creme  
    Mi-Pao´s Black Exposure
MultiChampion Orinell´s Ego Trip    
    MultiChampion Shi-Yang´s Hei Manzu
  MultiChampion Orinell´s Amy The Black Princes  
    CH Pasjo´s Orris Red Zakeea
    Vrexin van Mansjoerije
  MultiChampion Shi-Yang´s Hei Manzu  
    MultiChampion Shi-Zi Of The China´s Joy
Stagebo´s Strawberry Fields Forever    
    Dawnanda Royal Dolton
  Stagebo´s Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da  
    Stagebo´s Martha My Dear

Stagebo's Xx (Sulaima) is the mother of 2 litters (she is the mother of DKCH KLBCH Stagebo's Zip Code)
Unfortunately we lost Sulaima 29.03.2016 due to bloat