RED MALE  -  03.11.05 - 20.12.10

Tambourine Man-7½ week old Tambourine Man-9 month old Tambourine Man-9 month old 

Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents
    Dawnandas Dominic
  Dawnanda The Delegate  
    Dawnanda Onuska
Dawnanda The Dictater
    CH Carmalde Can Can Charlie With Dawnanda
  Jensim Charlee With Dawnanda  
    Siamdel Star Struck
    MultiCH Radja Van Mansjoerije
  CH Vincent van Mansjoerije  
    Quita Van Mansjoerije
Omah Dei Leoni Imperiali    
    Dawnanda Royal Dolton
  Stagebo´s NeverEnding Story  
    What-What´s Mean Woman Blues

Tambourine Man (Sputnik) has sired 1 litter.
Unfortunately Sputnik got a serious meningitis and all effords to cure him did not work.
We are so sad to have lost this wonderfull and very special boy - only 5 year old.