Visit in Belgrade, Serbia 3rd March to 5th March 2018
Impressions from IDS Belgrade, Serbia 04.03.2018.
Special thanks to Veroslava, Aleksandra and their families + Sanja, Jelena and all the other kind people I got to know in Belgrade.
 I truly enjoyed every moment in Belgrade and off course also to be part of the big and wellorganized international show.
Judge for chows: Željka Fon Zidar/SLO

BOB: INTCH JRSCH RSCH Stagebo's First Lady For Buddha - Owners: Veroslava Rancic/Aleksandra Vickovic

Left: BOB Junior: Shippeitaro's Keyser Soze - Right: BOS Junior: Shippeitaro's Kremica Pomadica

Some of the chows showed

Left: Veroslava, daugter Anya, Budalina and Lady  -  Right: Father CH Buddha's Smile Sterlingsheer and son Shippeitaro's Keyser Soze
Left: Honour Ring - Veroslava with Lady and son Shippeitaro's Keyser Soze  -  Right: Honour Ring - Aleksandra with Lady
CH Stagebo's First Lady For Buddha together with Aleksandra (left) and me

Family pictures after the show