Judge: Jutta Mayer, Germany
BOB+Cert.Rossy Creme Colombo BOS CH Peli´s Lucca Of Flensborg BB2+Cert.-Stagebo´s Xx
Best Baby-Hsiung Kou´s Yüeh Hsin Te Best babymale-Ambitions Algernon The Chinese Fellow Best puppy-Louvre Cunami 
CH Class 1+BD2-CH Pei Fang Midnight Massarati Man CH Class 2.+BD3-CH Bidachows Funky Smooth Foxy CH Class 3.CH Orinell´s Cool Casanova CH Class 4.CH Nin-T´Sun Xing 
CH males 1-3 
Junior male excl.1.+BD4-Chowhill´s Gandor Junior male excl.2.-Amani Junior male vg3-Bakkebo´s Playboy 
Juniormales 1-3 
Open male excl.1+BOB+Cert.-Rossy Creme Colombo Open male excl.2-Ares Open male vg3-Orinell´s Extra Extra Open male vg4-Piuk Chow Privat Passion 
Open male 1-3 
Junior female excl.1+BB3-Bao Fang´s Fen-Hong-Se Nu Shi Junior female excl.2+Cert.+BB2-Stagebo´s Xx Junior female vg3-Dian Shan Queen Of Spades 
Open female vg1-Dian Shan Kou Kou Open Female vg2-Litchi Chow Dina Shan Open female vg3-Dian Shan Jiu Jiu