Judge: Jan Sonne-Smith, DK
BOB: Nørskov's Johnny Be Good BOS: Peli's Citta To Flensborg BOB Baby (left): Bakkebo's Quark BOS Baby: Bakkebo's Queen Of Quality
BOB Puppy (left): Stagebo's Here Comes The Sun-BOS Puppy: Bidachows Happy Smooth Harry BOB Veteran (left): Bidachows Lord Luke The Smooth-BOS Veteran: CH Chan-Lo's A Kind Of Magic
Best dog 1.Nørskov's Johnny Be Good 2.Ba-Tong's Simba The Lucky Star 3.Ei Ko Grazios Zung Tzung Le   Junior bitches 1.Nørskov's Just The One 2.Nørskov's Jenny 3.Banvin Fun Zoey
Intermedia bitch 1.Ba-Tong's Anuska-ain't she sweet 2.Bidachows Gift from USA Smooth Giny Open bitch 1.Peli's 2.Peli's Deuxime Tinga To Flensborg 3.Stagebo's Elusive Butterfly 4.Stagebo's Do Wah Diddy Diddy
Best bitch 1.Peli's Citta To Flensborg 2.Nørskov's Just The One 3.Peli's Deuxime To Flensborg 4.Stagebo's Elusive Butterfly
Stagebo's Elusive Butterfly Banvin Fun Zoey CH Chan-Lo's A Kind Of Magic