Judge: Heidi Liebich-Lux, Germany (females+BIS puppy)
Judge: Jack Trick,UK (males+BIS)
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Impressive rosettes and trophees Judges and ANICC committee
BIS CH Quiddic Dei Leoni Imperiali+judges BIS CH Quiddic Dei Leoni Imperiali
BOS-Best female CH Moima Night In Paris BIS puppy Black Jack Dei Leoni Imperiali
Best babymale Tin Pan Alley Fly Me To The Moon-VP1 Justin Time De Los Perros De Bigo-VP2 Lancelot Von Orion Del Tassino-VP3
Honiland Exclusive Black Smooth-VP Best baby female Honiland Emotion Victory-VP1 Miss Cinema Dei Tre Regni-VP2
Brokenhill Fiona-VP3 Babyfemale 2-4 BIS puppy Black Jack Dei Leoni Imperiali-VP1
Majiboo-VP2-puppymale Tutto Il Resto E´Noia-VP3-malepuppy Echo In The Darq de Champernoune-VP4-malepuppy
Garfield Di Casa Balemi-P-puppymale Ulysse-P-puppymale Best femalepuppy Beyonce Dei Leoni Imperiali-VP1
Femalepuppy 2.Sophies Pearl Simply The Best 3.Billie Jean Dei Leoni Imperiali 4.Mascia´s World Best youngmale Another One Bites The Dust Dei Leoni Imperiali-Exc.1
Young male 1-4 Tin Pan Alley Easy Rider For Timang-VP4-Young male
Best young female Alka-Trast Moya Solodka Tsukerka-Exc.1 A Beautiful Mind Dei Leoni Imperiali-Exc2-young female Young female 3.Dinara Sun Djalo 4.Enjoy The Blues De Champernoune
 Veteran male 1. CH Cross B´s It´s A Chance Ya Take 2. CH Tin Pan Alley All That Jazz Champion male 1.CH Quiddic Dei Leoni Imperiali
CH Quiet Please Dei Leoni Imperiali-Exc.2-Champ.male CH Sweet Revenge Majestic Red Passion Exc.4 (behind CH Truly Mine Timeless Promise exc.3)-Champ.male CH Le-Pash Gendolf exc.-Champ.male
Best Champion female CH Moima Night In Paris - Exc.1 CH Castelbarbara Peggy Sue-Exc.3-Champ.female Intermedia male 1.Fourth Chance Lietuvos Liutas exc1- 2.Mi-Pao´s Spiv exc2
Intermedia male 1.Fourth Chance Lietuvos Liutas 2.Mi-Pao´s Spiv 3.Burian 4. Shen Te Chows Al Capone Mi-Pao´s Spiv-exc.2
Burian-Exc.3-Intermediate male She Te Chows Al Capone Exc.4-intermed.male Intermediate female 1.Bally-Heo exc.1
Intermed.female 2.Shen Te Chows Aurora Borealis-G-3.Dejoh Destiny-G Open male 1.+CAC Tin Pan Alley Can Can Charlie 2.+Res.CAC X-Red Ray Dei Leoni Imperiali 3.Moima Alberto Tomba Tin Pan Alley Can Can Charlie-Exc.1+CAC-Open male
Open male 2.+Res.CAC X-Red Ray Dei Leoni Imperiali Give Me All For Shen Te Lietuvos Liutas Exc.4-Open male Bon Triumph Shico-Exc.-Open Male
Dremo Rot Mano-Exc.-Open male Fearless Heart Patrik Red Lion-Exc.-Open male Party Time-Exc.-Open male Suel-Shote-Alinn Honey Moon-exc.-Open male
Talkin Of The Town-Exc.-Open male Task Force Dei Leoni Imperiali-Exc.-Open male Tin Pan Alley Casino Royale-Exc.Open male Zveda Kurgana Serebro Dozhdya Borte Chino-Exc.-Open Male
Open female 1+CAC Honiland Tiara-Exc.1 Open female 1.+CAC Honiland Tiara 2.+Res.CAC Pretty Princess Del Fiume Giallo Unique Dei Leoni Imperiali-Exc.3-Open female Upper Class Dei Leoni Imperiali-Exc.-Open female
Towsushet Sheba-Exc. Mei Mei Del Fiume Giallo-Exc.-Open female On The Way To Paradise-VP-Open female Pretty Princess Del Fiume Giallo-Exc.2+Res.CAC
Line-up for BIS 
BIS line-up