DCCK CLUBSHOW 14/11-09, Sørby, Denmark 
Judge: Terry Griffin, Ireland
BOB Chan-Lo´s A Kind Of Magic BOS CH Bidachows Gentle Gibson BOB Chan-Lo´s A Kind Of Magic
Litchi Chow Faire Fureur-promish.baby male Best baby-Piuk Chow Danish Princess Passion Best puppy Hei-Yu-Tzu Effie-promish.  
Champ.male 1.CH Bidachows Gentle Gibson 2.CH Orinell´s Extra Extra Champ.male 3.CH Lord Lionheart Vom Mühlenberg 4.CH Pei Fang Midnight Masserati Man 
Junior male 1.Bakkebo´s Playboy Junior male 2.Chowhill´s Gandor Junior male 3.Kong Litai Keepsake Pleasant Spirit 4.Rossy Tiamo Royal 
Junior male Chan-Lo´s Bad Moon Rising-VG Intermediate male 1. Bidachows Lord Luke The Smooth 2. Piuk Chow Privat Passion Open male 1.Sakumas Sweetest Catch (Cert.) 
Open male 1.Sakumas Sweetest Catch 2.Orinell´s Ego Trip 3.Rossy Cream Colombo 4. Nørskov´s Combat Red Warrior 
CH Orinell´s Extra Extra Stagebo´s Wig Wam Bam-VG Stagebo´s Wig Wam Bam-VG Best male 1.+BOS CH Bidachows Gentle Gibson 2.Sakumas Sweetest Catch 3.Bakkebo´s Playboy 4.CH Orinell´s Extra Extra 
 Junior female 1.Bao-Fang´s Fen-Hong-Se Nu Shi Junior female 2. Nørskov´s Ding Dong Dixie 3.Nørskov´s Dame Dodo  
Intermediate female 1. Dai Lan Zung Tzung Le Open female 1.Chan-Lo´s A Kind Of Magic (Cert.) Open female 2.Bakkebo´s Miss Moneypenny 
Veteran female 1.CH Piuk Chow Pleasant Miss Magic 2.Piuk Chow Precious Juliet Best female 1.+BOB Chan-lo´s A Kind Of Magic 2.CH Bidachows Joyfull Jossie 3.CH Piuk Chow Pleasant Miss Magic 4. CH Orinell´s Cute Carmen