Judge: Dogs + BIS: Mary Robbins, GB
Judge: Bitches + BIS puppy: Pam Godber, GB
BIS+Cac Snowlegend Loreen BIS+Cac: Snowlegend Loreen - BOS: CH Heart Mind Fire dei Leoni Imperiali - Res.Best female: CH Bon Triumph Tiffany - Res.Best male+Cac: Orpheus Black dei Leoni Imperiali
BIS puppy (left): Estee Lauder Djalo - BOS puppy: Bajadera For Shen Te Guards Of King Babymales 1-4
Babyfemales Smooth babyfemales
2nd babyfemale: Alpha Centauria Stardust Babyfemales 1-4
Junior male 1: Art Kot Mason Junior male 2 (right): King Of My Heart Santa Haus - Junior male 3: Piuk Chow A Paradise Of Happiness
Junior male 4: Rex Deus Egor Junior females 1-4
Junior female 2: Bon Triumph Moon Light Melody  Giovani males 1-4
Giovani male 2: Viking Heart dei Leoni Imperiali Giovani male (VG): Jozer Mishki Toptishki Giovani female 1: Million Dollars Baby Style Of Mary
Giovani female (G): Orinell's On And On Giovani female 3: Happy Blue Pearl Shensi For Tassino Giovani female 4: Hollywood Star Hillary Duff
Champ.male (Ex.): CH Have A Nice Day dei Leoni Imperiali Champ.male (Ex.): CH Guci Liuto Guolis Champ.male 1+BOS: CH Heart Mind Fire dei Leoni Imperiali
Champ.male (Ex): CH Long Feng Captain Jack Sparrow Champ.male (Ex): CH King Of Egypt De Los Perros De Bigo Champ.male (Ex): CH Rendel Dhenry
 Champ.male 4: CH Bon Triumph Gucci By Gucci Champion males 1-4
Champ.female (VG): CH Stagebo's Angel Of The Morning Champ.female: CH Stagebo's Angel Of The Morning Champ.female 2: CH Orinell's Live Your Dream
Champion female 1-4 Intermed.male 4: Twilight dei Leoni Imperiali
Intermed.male 1-4 Intermedia female 1.Fruit Passion Dei Gigiatti 3.KukolŠka Kerri Mishki Toptishki
 Intermedia female 1-4
 Libera female (VG) Chanelle Shi Kin Libera female (VG): Dgulideil Brava Bravissimo Interm.female (VG): Long Feng Alex Munday
 All results from ANICC's website