Judge: Marianne Baden,DK (females+BIS puppy)
Judge: Claire Merrion,UK (males+BOB)

Judges and ANICC commitee 
BIS+CAC Zoo Zoo Lietuvos Liutas BOS+CAC Quaipirigna dei Leoni Imperiali BIS puppy-Blondie
Babymales 1-6 Best babymale L&A Goodtymes Black Sabbath  
Baby females 1-3 Best Baby+BIS puppy-Blondie  
Juniormales 1-3 Best Youth male (Giovani)-Maruso´s Lawless Louis  
  Youth males (giovani) 1-4 Best veteran male-CH Black Magic Marquise 
Open male 1-2 Champion males 1-4 
CH males-Quiet Please dei Leoni Imperiali+ Quiddic dei Leoni Imperiali Campione Sociale-Quaipirigna dei Leoni Imperiali 
 3 Champion sons of CH Stagebo´s NeverEnding Story  
Juniorfemales 1-4 Campionessa Sociale-Towsushet Sheba 
Open female 1-4 (4.Stagebo´s Queen Of Spades) 
Open female 1-2 Open class-Opal dei Leoni Imperiali (daughter of CH Stagebo´s NeverEnding Story)