Judge: Dorethe Aagaard, DK 

BOB Bakkebo's Victory Girl

BOS Ilaka Falcon The Chinse Fellow

Baby dog 1. Ba-Tong’s Charming Master Coscha 2. Dian Shan Voices Carry

Baby bitch 1. Ba-Tong’s Adorable Miss Alika

Baby bitch 2. Dolly

Baby bitch 3. Dian Shan Vale Of Tears

Best puppy Piuk Chow Charming Red Knight Of Paloma

Puppy dog 2. Blacki

Best puppy bitch Alba

Open dog 1. Bakkebo's Tyson The Terrible

Open dog 2: Alexander von Waurichen

Open dog 3. Opportunity Du Lee Des Thitounes

Champion dog 1. CH Bakkebo’s Total Triumph

Open bitch 1. Bakkebo's Royal Roxanna

Open bitch 3.  L & A Goodtymes Black Rose

Open bitch 4. Stagebo's Here
Comes The Sun

Open bitch 1.-5.

Veteran bitch 2. Chan-Lo's Fool For Your Love

Fun class 1. Hsiung Kou’s Yueh Hsin Te 2. Peli’s Deuxieme Tinga To Flensborg