Judge: Camilla May Schultz, DE

BOB Bakkebo's Quitesse (left) - BOS Grazioso's Pet Shop Boys Zu'Tzungle
1. Bidachows International Miss Ilina 2. Ba-Tong's Funky Frigg 3. Ba-Tong's Stylish Saga 4. Bidachows International Miss Iluna
Best baby (left): Ba-Tong's Handsome Hjalte - Baby-females 1-4

From left: Best puppy: Bakkebo's Royal Roxanna - female pupies 2. Montuno's Kara 3. Bao-Fang's Tan Ruan Jiao Tang - Best puppymale: Bakkebo's Rocking Remix

From left: Nørskov's Knocker - Best Juniormale: Bakkebo's Quark -
Intermedia female 1. Nørskov's Jenny 2. Bakkebo's Queen Of Quality
From left: Open female 1.Nørskov's Glitter Bomb 2.Stagebo's Do Wah Diddy Diddy - Champion male 1.CH Nørskov's Here Comes Happiness 2.CH Chan-Lo's From Me To You
1. CH Peli's Citta To Flenborg 2. CH Stagebo's Angel Of The Morning 3. CH Stagebo's Zip Code 4. CH Mi-Pao's Honeysuckle Rose
From left: Champion female 1-4 - Best Champion CH Peli's Citta To Flensborg (left) - BOS Champion CH Here Comes Happiness