Judge: Pippa Clare, GB 
BOB+Cert (left) Estee Lauder Djalo - BOS+Cert Bidachows Wonderful Valentina Best puppy: Sumichow's Flying Smilla
Puppy female 1. Sumichows Flying Smilla 2. Orinell's Rising To Stars 3. Piuk Chow Phanciful Autumn Tootsie Junior male 1. Bidachows Happy Smooth Harley
Champion males (not placed)
Champ.male 1. CH Piuk Chow Possesses Black Passion 2. CH Simauta Dess Messing Champ.male 3. CH Gambler Grozio Akcentas 4. CH Miketilla Monte Carlo 5. CH Figo
Junior female 1. Hsiung Kou's Miss Malika (jun.cert.) 2. NÝrskov's Jenny Intermedia female: 1. Piuk Chow Sweet Magic Of Phantasy
Open female 1. Bidachows Wonderful Valentina (Cert.+BOS) Open female 2. Bidachows Gift from USA Smooth Giny Open female 3. Peli's Deuxieme Tinga To Flensborg 4. Peli's Citta To Flensborg
Child and dog competition Child and dog
Otto (Stagebo's Boogie Woogie) visited the show Otto (Stagebo's Boogie Woogie) visited the show DCCK Clubwinner 2016/2017: CH Figo