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     Memories of chows living with us from 1982
            All of them were special and they all will have a place in our heart forever
          (click on the pictures for pedigree)

CH Yama Mr President - died 5½ year old
CH Yama Mr President (1991-1996)
CH Tanlap Chamcroft Christmas Star - died 2½ year old
CH Tanlap Chamcroft Christmas Star (1986-1990)
CH WW89 Usada Lucy In The Sky From Tanlap - died 7 year old
CH JWW WW1989 Usada Lucy In The Sky
From Tanlap (1988-1995)
Tanlap Tullamore - died 11½ year old
Tanlap Tullamore (1986-1999)
Stagebo´s Hanky Panky - died 4½ year old
Stagebo's Hanky Panky (1994-1999)
Stagebo´s Christmas Carol - died 11 year old
Stagebo's Christmas Carol (1989-2000)
CH Stagebo´s Good Golly Miss Molly - died 8½ year old
CH Stagebo's Good Golly Miss Molly
Stagebo´s I´m A Believer - died 9 year old
Stagebo's I'm A Believer (1995-2004)
Jowtrix Red Merrill - died 8½ year old
Jowtrix Red Merill (1996-2005)
Omah Dei Leoni Imperiali - died 2½ year old
Omah Dei Leoni Imperiali (2003-2005)
Dawnanda Royal Dolton (Dyson) - died 12 year old
Dawnanda Royal Dolton (1998-2010)
Stagebo´s Martha My Dear (Martha) - died 11 year old
Stagebo's Martha My Dear (1999-2010)
Betty Midler Of Chow Dream (Betty) - died 7 year old
Betty Midler Of Chow Dream (2003-2010)
Stagebo´s Tambourine Man (Sputnik) - died 5 year old
Stagebo's Tambourine Man (2005-2010)
Gina Of Chow Dream (Tinni) - died 6½  year old
Gina Of Chow Dream (2005-2012)

Stagebo's Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da (2001-2009)

Stagebo's Peggy Sue (2001-2009)

CH Cherrymount First Lady (1992-2001)

What-What's Mean Woman Blues 1997-2003)

Stagebo's Nowhere Man (2000-2009)

Stagebo's Ticket To Ride (2005-2006)

CH Stagebo's Quick Step (2003-2012)
Azalia For Annalise (Zara)-female born 2010 - import from Russia - died 5½ year old
Azalia For Annalise (2010-2016)

Stagebo's Georgy Girl (1992-2002)
Stagebo´s Xx (Xulaima)-female - Born 2008-died 2016
Stagebo's Xx (2008-2016)
Grønbæk Ania - died 10 year old
Grønbæk Ania (1985-1995)
Chow Star´s Jupiter - died 13½ year old
Chow Stars Jupiter (1982-1995)
Stagebo´s Strawberry Fields Forever (Sulo)-female born 2005
Stagebo's Strawberry Fields Forever (2005-2017)

Stagebo's ZZ Top (2011-2017)
Eloise Dei Leoni Imperiali (Eloise) - born 2010-imp.Italy
Eloise Dei Leoni Imperiali (2010-2019)
Diamond Suprime Sterlingsheer (Luka)-born 2015-imp.Serbia
Diamond Suprime Sterlingsheer (2015-2019)
Stagebo´s A Kiss From A Rose (BeeBee)-female born 2012
Stagebo's A Kiss From A Rose (2012-2021)
1½ year-photo: Danielsen Foto
CH Mi-Pao's Red Sumac (2010-2021)
Chan-Lo's Day Tripper (Tripper) - born 2011
Chan-Lo's Day Tripper (2011-2022)